Žemų dažnių kolonėlė MXS10

Quest Engineering
499 €

This unique band-pass subwoofer is specifically tuned for music playback in small to medium size venues. However, despite its small size, the MXS10 delivers high output and efficiency. The tuning and performance will match or exceed many physically larger systems.

Integrating discrete full range sound is a challenge for architects and venue designers. Everything about the design and functionality of the MXS10 marries high performance, clean audio reproduction with varying architectural designs. Whether a new venue, or an existing one, the MXS10 is easily integrated and perfectly at home.

An outward facing driver is located under the cabinet to acoustically pressure load the unit onto a floor/wall, or ceiling installation surface; creating an ‘acoustic chamber’ effect. This extends the workable frequency range of the subwoofer, and gives a flatter and more natural response.

Techninė specifikacija


Sensitivity 1W @ 1m - 60Hz

Frequency Response
-9dB 44Hz – 90Hz


Power Handling
300W RMS

10" 50mm Voice Coil Dual Spider, Dual Magnet Woofer.

Captive Screw Terminal Plug (In/Thru)

Dimensions *L x W x H
500 x 470 x 215mm

Net Weight
15.1 kg

Žemų dažnių kolonėlė MXS10

Quest Engineering
499 €