Lubinė žemų dažnių kolonėlė InCeiling Mini/8 Sub

Triad Speakers
1580 €
The InCeiling Mini/8 Sub is yet another innovative solution for integrating bass into a room with minimal physical impact. A long-throw 8″ driver in a compact enclosure flush-mounts cleanly into almost any ceiling, including those with narrow 12″ on-center joists. Now you can have bass any place, and without bulky black boxes cluttering the floor. To further enhance your options, we’ve designed the InCeiling Mini/8 Sub so you can use two of them with a single Triad RackAmp, for greater value and more output. Multiple InCeiling Mini/8 Subs can be used with great results in rooms where the aesthetics prohibit any visible subwoofers, yet a forceful home theater experience is desired. Although multiple Mini/8 Subs may be used for home theater, other applications utilizing a single sub may be used in dens, bedrooms, or offices. The addition of a sub in a secondary listening location is a must, adding fullness and warmth at low volume, and rendering impact and dynamics when played loudly. The InCeiling Mini/8 Sub is available in two configurations; single enclosure with 300 watt amp, and dual enclosures with a single 300 watt amp. And as with all Triad speakers, custom paint matching of the Acoustiperf grill is available and your InCeiling Mini/8 Sub, like all Triad speakers, will be built to order especially for you.

Techninė specifikacija:

Anechoic Frequency Response
20 Hz - 200 Hz

F3 -3db

Woofer Type
Long-excursion coated paper

Woofer Size
(1) 8" /20cm

Sub Amp Type
Class D RackAmp

Sub Amp Power
300 watts




Hole Cut Out - Height

Hole Cut Out - Width

Frameless Grill Dimensions
W: 31.0cm x H: 31.0cm

Product Weight

Lubinė žemų dažnių kolonėlė InCeiling Mini/8 Sub

Triad Speakers
1580 €