Sprout100 integruotas stiprintuvas

PS Audio
1090 €


All New Features, Same Great Story
Sprout represents our vision of a simple, elegant means of playing music at home. We created it for those of us who want quality sound without the hassles that sometimes come with it. Sprout offers sonic ideals and design principles enjoyed by many thousands of users daily. Its ease of use should make it appealing and accessible to those who would find most audio gear intimidating; it should also appeal to those who have “been there, done that” and seek a better, simpler way to play music in their home. It is in this spirit of passion and technological advancement that PS Audio proudly announces our newest, first-tier integrated amplifier: Sprout100 Sprout’s design principles will never change: compact, elegant versatility that brings the content of yesterday to the technology of today. Sprout’s performance and features have been overhauled: more power, more resolution, more romance. We hope you enjoy.

Sprout100 is the all-new, heavily-updated replacement for the original PS Audio Sprout. Many improvements have been made: we doubled the output power, we fully redesigned the headphone amplifier, and we included Stereo-RCA analog in/outputs, a DAC that decodes full resolution PCM & DSD, a subwoofer output, and a sleek, brushed aluminum remote control. Sprout100 is identical to the original PS Audio Sprout in many ways as well: size, shape, look and feel. Materials of machined and bead-blasted aluminum. Real walnut. And all the sound quality you have come to expect from PS Audio.

Scott McGowan grew up at the PS Audio factory, sharing his father Paul’s love of music and high-end performance audio. But he disliked the complexity, cost and tangle typical of Audiophile systems. Why couldn’t he have the performance levels of his father’s creations packaged in a single, beautiful product he and his friends could afford to own? It should be powerful yet simple to operate. Its aesthetics should be inspired by the “less, but better” designs of Braun’s Dieter Rams and Apple’s Jony Ive. He would call it Sprout.

Sprout100, the newest edition of the beloved original, is a simple, elegant source of music for those who want quality sound without the hassles that come with it. Appealing to the eye and ear, solid and reassuring to the touch, Sprout’s user interface is human, providing visual and audible feedback to the user and connecting her to the music. Sprout’s ease of use makes it appealing and accessible to music lovers around the world. It features a phono preamplifier for vinyl, a Bluetooth receiver for music streamed from smartphones, a high-quality hi-res DAC to handle anything stored on a computer, enough power for any speaker, and a headphone amp that drives even the toughest loads.

Sprout is for those who care about their home, their music, and their enjoyment of music in their home. We believe there are a lot of such folks out there.


Unit Weight
1.3 kg

Unit Dimensions
Width 6.2", Height 1.9", Depth 8.2" (chassis only, not including knobs) or 9.2” (including connectors and knobs)

Shipping Weight
[2.2 kg

Shipping Dimensions
Width 10.5", Height 5", Depth 14"

Power requirements

Voltage Options
100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, Auto-Detect

Power Consumption
280W Maximum

Mains Power Input

Phono Audio Input

1 Stereo Pair, Phono RCA

Cartridge type
Moving Magnet

Cartridge Output
3mV-10mV (5mV recommended)

Cartridge Loading
47KΩ (100pF)

EQ Type


S/N ratio
>84dB A-weighted (analog output)

Analog Audio Inputs

1 Stereo Pair, Line Level RCA

Maximum Input level
2.1VRMS (+6.44dBV)

Input impedance

Analog Audio Output

1 Stereo Pair, Line Level RCA

Output level, maximum
3.0VRMS (+9.5dBV)

Output Max Gain (using Analog Inputs)

S/N ratio
>105dB (3VRMS ref)

THD (Analog)
<0.01% (1VRMS, 1KHz)

S/PDIF Digital Input

Optical (Toslink)

PCM (96KHz max), 24 bits

USB Input

USB “B” Type

PCM (384KHz max), 24 bits, DSD64 (DoP), DSD128 (DoP)

Transfer mode


Built in

Uses Sprout's built in asynchronous DAC over S/PDIF (ESS Sabre 9016 DAC)

Stereo Power Amplifier Output

8Ω loudspeakers connected
50 watts per channel, both channels driven

4Ω loudspeakers connected
100 watts per channel, both channels driven

THD (Speaker Output)
<0.01% (1W, 1KHz into 4Ω)

Frequency Response
+/- 1dB (1VRMS out, 20Hz – 20Khz into 4-8Ω)

Signal to Noise
>100dB at max power into 4Ω

Headphone Output

32Ω headphones connected

300Ω headphones connected

<0.01% (1KHz, 50mW into 32 Ω)

Signal to Noise
>105dB at max power into 300Ω

Sprout100 integruotas stiprintuvas

PS Audio
1090 €