Belaidis grotuvas CPH-Trio

300 €
The new compact CPH-Trio amplifier comes with an impressive selection of features. This 2.1 digital amplifier features speaker line level input to connect with virtually any device. For lossless audio, connect to your digital devices through the Trio Coaxial Digital input, or wireless through the latest Hi-Fi grade, Bluetooth technology.

The CPH-Trio amp, is equipped with some simple but very handy filters, such as the Artcoustic ASOF sub frequency EQ filter and a flat shelve treble filter, combined with easy-to-use volume and gain controls. It also comes with an efficient and easy-to-use digital crossover, ensuring perfect acoustic integration.

Techninė specifikacija:

2 x 50 watt 4 ohm

1 x 100 watt 4 ohm

Full range
20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 1 dB

Sub Low-pass filter
80 Hz 12 dB/oct

Hi-pass filter
80 Hz 12dB/oct & 100 Hz 12 dB/oct

Input terminals
speaker level binding posts; Wireless Bluetooth

H 180 • W 127 • D 37 mm

0.75 kg

Belaidis grotuvas CPH-Trio

300 €