SA saxo 7 active aktyvios kolonėlės

System Audio
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Minimalist music system that gives you maximum sound The new SA saxo 7 active is really compact. And yet, it’s a complete music system that fills your living room with stunningly beautiful and rich sound. You only see two speakers. But it’s what you don’t see that gives you amazing music experiences every time you play a song on your smartphone playlist.

We have made it easier than ever

In addition to the beautifully crafted and surprisingly heavy cabinets, SA saxo 7 has built-in powerful amplifiers and electronics that communicate with your smartphone, tablet and wireless PC.

The speakers are equipped with an Autosense scanner that is able to connect to your smartphone (if you want) as soon as you get home.

Maybe you hear music through headphones while you take off your jacket, but as soon as you disconnect them, the music flows out of the speakers and fills your home with vibrant and natural sound in a quality that you normally only expect from a pair of floor standing speakers.

At the same time, the remote control of the speakers also connects with your mobile so you can change songs and adjust the volume with the remote control, even if you may place the phone in another room.

You have to try it.

Techninė specifikacija:

Bluetooth 4.0 lossless aptX; AAC (Apple), WAV, MP3 320 kbps; 2 optical digital; 1 turntable; 1 analog stereo RCA

2 x 50 watts class D

Frequency range
45-25.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

1 x W1408 saxo

1 x T25DXT Ti

2-way bass reflex

Dimensions (WxHxD) cm
16x31x26 cm

Black or white satin

SA saxo 7 active aktyvios kolonėlės

System Audio
949  849