ADM25 studijos monitorius

KS Digital
2600 €
The ADM25 is conceived as a stand speaker to be set up directly behind the mixing deskor the work station - work place. Both the emitting properties of the chassis workingin the ADM25 and the acoustic baffle of the stand casing tilted at 5° allow excellentuse of the ADM25 in the near and midfield area. A D’Apollito arrangement with verystrongly coupled sound centres of the individual chassis, connected with the high rangewave guide concentrate the energy in the area 90°x 60° (H x V). In this way the monitor room is lessstimulated and therefore control is significantlyincreased. The acoustic baffle tilted at 5° decreasesreflections on the desk or work space and preventsunwanted excessive presence. The FIRTEC™ tech-nology linearises frequency and phase response atthe listening place and therefore ensures a tonallyand temporally correct, neutral playback of theacoustic signal. The freely adjustable parametricEQ’s as well as high and low shelving filters allowa precise adjustment to the set up position andthe acoustics of the listening place. This completepackage ensures true to detail, time correct infor-mation at the work place of the engineer

Techninė specifikacija

AD / DA converter
24 bit sigma delta, 64 x oversampling

Digital IN, OUT
AES3 format , 32 – 192KHz

Analog IN, OUT
XLR-symmetric, active bypass connector

FIRTEC™ equalization, FIR-crossover, limiter, 6 user filter patent: 19823110

Room equalization
5 peakfilter and FIRTEC™ system equalization

1'' radiator, 2 pcs. 6.5'' carboncone

250 W / 250 W peak

120 dB peak

Remote control

Frequency range
34 - 22000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)

142 X 30 X 33 cm 19.7 kg

ADM25 studijos monitorius

KS Digital
2600 €