A300 studijos monitorius

KS Digital
3865 €
The A300 was conceived as a classic 3-way reference monitor with FIRTEC™ managed time-aligned sound reproduction. As with the legendary ADM20, all frequencies are radiated by the A300 so that they simultaneously arrive – not out of sync - at the ear of the sound engineer. The tonal neutrality and this time alignment permit its use in all areas of professional production processes, from the recording as a mix-monitor or in mastering as a last reference. The assembly with a 10” high-performance bass driver, a 2” calotte mid-range driver and a calotte-free, 1” high frequency driver transmits from 26Hz upwards and thereby offers at every volume level sufficient reserves. The conception of the amplifier and power supply ensure a low noise reproduction with virtually no distortion. Our patented FIRTEC system filter generates a linear phase, time aligned reproduction across the entire frequency range. The wave guides suppress the cabinet edges and also linearize the frequency range for digital signal processing. The implemented 1” high range ring radiator ensures a low distortion reproduction, even at a high volume. Whether connected via its analogue input with a 24 bit / 192 KHz AD-converter or digitally connected loss-free to a workstation. The amplifier’s accessible high- and low-shelving filter enables a fast room adjustment during its installation that can be enhanced with an optional RC-100 extra internal filter if required. The peak EQs as well as the high- and low-shelving filters are freely configurable and permit an adaptation at the listening position. Also the listening volume can be controlled directly at the monitor so that a full level digital connection at the master output can be guaranteed to be loss-free. Another speciality is the converter-less connection of the 3 PWM power amplifiers with 250W RMS each. This direct connection prevents converter losses and leads to an extreme resolution in timing as well as in tonal areas.

Techninė specifikacija

AD / DA converter
24 bit sigma delta, 64 x oversampling

Digital IN
AES3 format , 32 – 192KHz

Analog IN

FIRTEC™ equalization, FIR-crossover, limiter, 6 user filter patent: 19823110

Room equalization
5 peakfilter and FIRTEC™ system equalization

1'' radiator, 3" midrange-cone 10'' bassunit

150W / 250 W / 250 W peak

118dB cont./124dB peak

Remote control

Frequency range
24 - 22000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)

56 x 30 x 40 cm, 18 kg

A300 studijos monitorius

KS Digital
3865 €